Stronger connections to each other. Stronger connections to you.

Using Growth Groups methodology and software, participants connect in peer advisory groups exclusive to your organization to find solutions to their biggest challenges and opportunities in a structured, self-directed way. 

Workplaces and organizational structures have changed in response to the global pandemic.

As more employees work from home, 69% report feeling detached from their teammates, and 58% say it’s difficult to see their larger purpose within the organization.

How are you helping your work-from-home employees and clients feel supported and connected?

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A meaningful level of connection. An efficient way to find solutions. A stronger path to individual growth.

A meaningful level of connection.
An efficient way to find solutions.
A stronger path to individual growth.

How should I tell my boss about my big idea? How do I find more customers? How do I deal with a problem client? How do I stand out among my peers so I am ready for a promotion? What should I do about my quarrelling direct reports? How do I raise capital? How do I knock this big assignment out of the park? 

Do your team members face similar questions? Of course they do. Imagine providing them with the opportunity to meet with a group of 7-9 of their peers every month to present unique challenges and opportunities that they are facing individually, and find solutions in a safe, productive way. No curriculum, no projects or awkward exercises, no pushy facilitator – just a structured brainstorming session about specific topics that THEY care about right now.


No one person is responsible for running the group. Growth Group software keeps participants focused on business challenges and opportunities, while mitigating problems that often arise in a group setting like jumping to solutions, interrupting or going off topic. 


Growth Groups are powerful because they do NOT follow any preset curriculum. The discussion is completely participant-driven, and everyone who has joined a Growth Group actively participates in every meeting. In fact, depending on group size, most participants even have the chance to present a challenge at every meeting.

Remote or In-person

Growth Groups can meet in-person or remotely. In-person meetings come together in a space reserved by the client. Remote groups meet via Zoom video conferencing system (managed remotely by the Growth Groups team) or a video conference system of the client’s choosing.

Rigorous methodology

Growth Groups use a proven, Gestalt-based methodology, which means “seeks first to understand, then be understood”. This provides participants with the opportunity to have their group ask questions and truly understand the challenge before jumping to a solution. Challenges take 30 minutes each, allowing 4-6 members of each group to present a challenge in a 2-3 hour meeting.

Create a Growth Group for any team or organization

Growth Groups can work for anyone! Your organization may choose to offer Growth Groups to all or specific sections of your community. Organizations pay Growth Groups directly and may choose to pass fees on to end users.