Via People Matters
By Rajesh Kurup, Executive Vice President of Cybage
January 10, 2019

All of the above, if done effectively, will create a team of empowered employees who will be their organization’s brand ambassadors, driving the best talent in the industry to the organization.

A common factor influencing the success of most organizations is engaged and focused on employees that are led by a visionary leader and an operations group that connects with the employees.

While strategies are key to success, a real win for any organization lies in the execution of the strategy such that revenue goals are reached. And this is achieved by the employees at large, so it is important to have focused employees executing the strategy.

How does one achieve this objective, on an on-going basis, to ensure success? The answer lies in ‘continual engagement’. Every organization should build or have a strong process for employee engagement on personal, career, cultural, and social levels.

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