By CIOL Bureau
January 22, 2019

Employees who believe that the organization is concerned about them as a whole and feel valued, are more productive, more satisfied and more fulfilled – motivating them to be engaged and involved at their workplace and with the organization.

Employee engagement’ is one of the most frequently used terms we hear in organizations and HR circuits. However, as common the term maybe, it is not always understood, applied or demonstrated in its truest spirit and this is where most falter.

Creating a work environment where employees feel involved is not achieved merely by the application of the latest tools, techniques or conducting a few activities. It is the organizational philosophy that requires a matching mindset from its leadership. When the leadership of an organization displays a strong conviction and commitment towards driving ‘employee engagement’, it starts to become the DNA of the organization which in time is reflected in the sense “involvement” “responsibility” and “accountability” displayed by its people who take initiatives and display a sense of belonging towards the organization.

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