Via HR Technologist
By Neha Pradhan
January 23, 2019

The more engaged people are, the more passionate they feel about an organization and its mission, the better they will perform. Most importantly, customers feel the impact. Inspired employees develop better products and deliver better services. They drive higher customer satisfaction, which propels sales growth.

“Perhaps the most widely overlooked – and the most impactful – pillar is the quality of managers. Every employee deserves a great manager, and it’s the organization’s responsibility to help managers be great.”

In this interview Aron Ain, CEO, Kronos, talks about how digital transformation enables HR leaders to retain talent. From the best practices of employee engagement to business success, we discuss how there is a direct link between these components for sustaining talent. Ain elaborates on employee engagement as a growth strategy to create a place where employees truly love to work. We discuss all about boomerangs and how are they a win for both employers and employees.

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