Via Forbes
By Brent Gleeson 
February 26, 2019

Once companies have embraced transparency, when all employees are engaged in operations, then accountability must be activated. In an all-transparent landscape, no one can hide. If problems arise, they can be addressed quickly. In this process, workers are more engaged in their work because their teammates can view their work. Then the culture becomes one of rapid learning and application – a continuous feedback loop.

More than that, companies must create vibrant cultures that make employees proud. Pride is earned when workers are given access to information, challenged with the responsibility to make decisions, and held accountable to their fellow employees.

A company culture is built when every single employee’s job is essential to the whole. In the end, it’s about giving employees a worthy story to take home, to discuss with a spouse or friend. Winning companies are the companies that make each worker a hero each and every day.

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