Via The Hampton Roads Business Journal
By Shelley Smith

Committed and motivated employees translate to committed and motivated customers, which equals profit, retention and efficiencies. The effect is cumulative.

It was a dark day at the corporate headquarters. I walked into my client’s office and sensed despair.

“The employee survey results are in,” he said glumly. “Engagement is really low – we’re below the benchmark on almost every key measure. Now what do we do? It’s my job to fix this!”

Does this sound familiar? Have you been through less-than-desirable survey results and felt defeated and beat up?

Employee engagement/commitment is critical. There are countless studies linking employee engagement with beneficial outcomes, such as productivity and retention. When employees are not finding meaning in their work and/or don’t understand how what they do contributes to the organization’s goals, they consider leaving the company, and that means something needs to change.

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