Via Prague Post
By Clare Speak

Mastermind groups give you people to hold yourself accountable to when times get tough. However, they’re also a source of regular feedback, networking, and support. The people in your group can give you access to additional resources that improve your growth, and they can also work with you to help you accomplish new things.

Are the people in your life today helping you to achieve your personal and professional goals? If they’re not, then you might benefit from starting a mastermind group. Many people rely on one-to-one mentoring to help them accomplish their targets in the professional and personal world. While mentoring can undoubtedly be a good idea for some, it’s not the right way forward to every one. If you prefer being part of a group scenario, then mastermind meetings could be the ideal solution.

Mastermind groups are designed to bring people together from different backgrounds to support each other on the path to similar goals. If you’ve been looking for help accelerating your growth as an entrepreneur, or you just want to accomplish more in your day to day life, here’s what you should know about mastermind groups.

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