Via HR Technologist
By Chiradeep BasuMallick, Freelance Contributor, HR Technologist

At its very core, engagement should give your workers a sense of freedom – freedom from being chained to a desk, greater flexibility, and the ability to unflinchingly share the most disruptive ideas and maximize their potential.

Organizations today understand the true importance of employee engagement. Increasingly, this is becoming a vital cog in any employee satisfaction and retention strategy. We discuss five ways in which technology can help in improving employee engagement.

Why Engagement Matters

There’s no denying the fact: employee engagement is a serious game-changer for businesses, regardless of size or scale. In a highly complex market, fraught with rising attrition rates, retaining employees is critical. Add to that a young, vibrant millennial workforce who are hungry for various facilities, benefits, and means of engagement, above and beyond only compensation. This is why improving employee engagement is integral to a company’s culture, as well as its long-term profitability.

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