Via Forbes
By Rebekah Bastian

ERGs can be very beneficial for a company when they are aligned with business objectives. They can influence processes like recruiting and career development, as well as business decisions like product launches and marketing strategies.

For companies today, diversity and inclusion are often listed as top organizational priorities. It is great that more companies are investing in diversity and inclusion efforts, however many have yet to grasp the complexity and scale of the practices that should guide this focus. Efforts sometimes end up looking more like diversity hiring programs, without enough emphasis on equity and belonging once employees are in the door. When companies focus exclusively on bringing employees in, without creating a space where they feel safe and empowered to bring their best selves to the table, we risk lowered productivity and heightened churn rates. This can make overall progress in this space slow. For a company to successfully scale, it must maintain a culture of empowerment and community.

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