Via HR Technologist
By Atman Rathod, Director and Co-Founder, CMARIX TechnoLabs

Apart from boosting efficiency, productivity and making the workplace a better place with enhanced flexibility, enterprise mobile apps also help employees with increased scope of interactive learning. A mobile app can also be a great learning tool for employees. From inducting a new employee in a process of offering timely training to, an HR-focused mobile app can continue to play a major role in improving skills and making workplaces better with continuous inputs.

Employee engagement remains to be a mission-critical part of an organisation’s success and this is why the HR strategies if most companies revolve around this principal consideration. When an employee is engaged he takes bigger responsibilities and gives his fullest for achieving the organisational goal. Through consistent employee engagement, the Human Resource department also ensures boosting performance and efficiency of the workforce.

These days, across organisations mobile apps are playing a greater role in boosting employee engagement and thus benefiting the companies in an unprecedented way. Various surveys and statistics clearly indicate to the literally paradigm-shifting impact of mobile apps on boosting employee engagement and Human Resource management across organisations. Undoubtedly, for evaluating enterprise app performance, the outcome in terms of engagement and efficiency has become a crucial parameter.

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