Once you’ve reviewed your Applications and completed preliminary grouping, you will ask your accepted Participants to complete the final step – their Registration Form.  The Registration Form includes the following important information:

BGI will provide you with a custom Registration Form link that you will provide to your Participants.

The Registration Form is an excellent way to see who is really in before you spend time finalizing and onboarding your group. Some Participants who applied will not complete this step, or will realize during this process that a group is not right for them.  That’s okay!  It is best to gauge their commitment now before they get started with their group.

You are free to use Invitation to Register Email template as you wish – just copy and paste!  If not using this template, be sure to provide a link to the Registration Form, what is covered and how long completion of the form may take

Subject: Your [ORGANIZATION NAME] Growth Group – Please complete the Registration Form


Thank you for completing your [ORGANIZATION NAME] Growth Group application — congratulations on your acceptance!  Before we can get your group started, there is one final step to secure your participation – completing your Registration Form!

The Registration Form includes a number of items that are important to getting the most out of your Growth Group.  Please click here [insert link] to access the Registration Form and 1) complete your Growth Group training, 2) acknowledge group Policies & Agreements and 3) take a short, anonymous Participant survey.  You will not be able to participate in your first Growth Group meeting if your Registration Form is not complete.

Please allow 30-45 minutes to complete all sections of the Registration Form.  If you have any questions, you can contact me or email support@gogrowthgroups.com

Thank you,