Since you are using an Application Form to learn more about potential Participants before you accept and group them, you may wish to cast a wide net when recruiting.  The email template below will be useful in explaining what Growth Groups are all about.  

BGI will work with you to create a custom application that captures the data you’d like to gather from potential Participants.  There are a few things that are required (like contact information and acknowledgement of program details) but the rest is up to you!  We’ve provided some sample application questions below.

As applications are completed, all application detail will be added to your Growth Group Master document, so that you can review them as they come in.  Be thinking about preliminary grouping as you review your applications.  You do not need to share your preliminary groups with BGI, but they will be helpful during the next step as you ask approved Participants to complete their Registration Form. 

The following contact detail is required:

    • What is your first name?
    • Last name?
    • Preferred email address?
    • Mailing address (we’ll only use this info to send you a welcome note, and never sell it to anyone)
    • Name of the company or organization that is organizing your group?

The following acknowledgements are also helpful in the application phase:

    • Do you acknowledge that groups meet [monthly] and 100% participation is expected?

    • Do you acknowledge that your group will meet on [scheduled meeting date/time]?

The questions you wish to ask via the Application Form may vary, depending on the type of group you’re forming and people you are inviting. 

The following sample questions may be helpful as you think about what you want to know!

For groups of business owners:

    • What is the name of your business?
    • Where can we find your business online?
    • What sector do you most identify with?
    • What is your current annual revenue?
    • How many customers do you currently have?
    • How many employees do you currently have?
    • How large do you anticipate your company growing over the next three years
    • To date, how much capital have you raised from the following sources to fund your venture?
    • What is the exit strategy for this venture?

For groups of association members:

For groups of employees:

You are free to use the Invitation to Apply Email template as you wish!  If not using this template, be sure to provide adequate information about what Growth Groups are and how they function, as well as meeting and attendance expectations and the link to the Application Form.   You may choose to add more information regarding your organization, why you’ve decided to offer Growth Groups and who else will be invited to participate. 

Subject: Invitation to Apply: [ORGANIZATION NAME] Growth Group

Dear [NAME],

There’s a lot we can learn from our peers, but group dynamics can be difficult and team meetings are sometimes inefficient.  Growth Groups offer a way to come together as peers, expand your connections, get diverse insights and find new solutions to the problems you face every day.  [ORGANIZATION NAME] is now offering Growth Groups to its [SELECT ONE: employees/members/clients], and we want you to be a part of it!

Take a peek at this video to see Growth Groups in action!

What is a Growth Group? A [ORGANIZATION NAME] Growth Group is a peer advisory group of 7-9 participants who meet [TIME FRAME ex: monthly] to present their greatest challenges and opportunities and work through solutions together.  Groups are self-facilitated and supported by software, so no one person has to be the “leader” of the group.

How do they work? The group will meet [SELECT ONE: in person/remotely] each [TIME FRAME ex: month] and use proprietary software to enable effective and focused sessions, allowing Participants to present their biggest challenges, receive feedback and leave with concrete action items. This focused methodology mitigates common group issues such as interrupting, jumping to solutions, talking over each other and getting off topic.  There is not a set curriculum; you’ll discuss what matters most to you.  You’ll be supported administratively by [ORGANIZATION NAME], so you don’t have to think about where or when you’re meeting – you can just get down to business!

When will the group meet? The  [ORGANIZATION NAME] Growth Group will meet [TIME FRAME ex: monthly] on the [MEETING DATE AND TIME] at [LOCATION INFORMATION].  The first meeting will take place on [MEETING DATE AND TIME].  Each challenge presentation takes 30 minutes, so up to [QUANTITY ex: six] Participants are able to present a challenge in each [DURATION ex: 3] hour meeting.

What is my commitment? 100% commitment is crucial to the success of a Growth Group, and Participants [SELECT ONE: may not miss/may miss#] meeting/s before they are non-compliant with attendance policies.  Groups do have the ability to reschedule meetings based on group consensus.

What is the cost? [PROGRAM FEES]

I’m interested! What next? To join a group, please complete this application (insert application link from BGI).  You’ll receive an email right away notifying you of your completed application, and will be contacted by [ORGANIZATION NAME] regarding your placement in a Growth Group.

Thank you!

This Growth Group Info Video is included in the Invitation to Apply and available at