After your Participants have completed their Registration Form, it is time to finalize their group! Your Participants have acknowledged the group policies and been trained on the group methodology and software, so they are ready to go too!

There are a few things you’ll decide as you get your groups started:

    • In-person or remote meetings?
    • What is the group’s affinity? What brings them together?
    • What date and time will they be meeting?
    • If in-person, where will they be meeting?
    • Can you ensure that there are no “conflicts” within the group Participants (see below)?

Here are a few things that will help you think about how effective, long-lasting groups are formed:

    • Groups are made up of 7-9 Participants.
    • Diversity (of all kinds!) ensures that Participants will benefit from a range of experiences and feedback.
    • Beware of hierarchical or “conflicting” relationships – including direct reports in a group. This dynamic may impact the willingness of all Participants to share their challenges.
    • Groups are self-facilitated, with no “leader” of the group, so its important that group Participants can work together.

Be sure to check out the Best Practices page for tips to help you through every step of the process – including group formation!