You get us!  While it’s clear why YOU decided to bring Growth Groups to your organization, others who are working with you to recruit Participants and manage groups may need some help in answering common questions. The FAQs below will help to answer some of the questions we hear the most from potential Participants who are thinking about making the commitment to a Growth Group.


Growth Groups are made up of 7-9 Participants.  This group size is large enough to ensure diverse perspectives and experiences, but small enough that everyone gets a chance to contribute. 

Your Organizer will decide how often groups meet, but we’ve found that a monthly meeting is most common.  We encourage groups to meet on the same schedule each time (for example, the 2nd Wednesday evening of the month), so that it’s sure to be on your calendar. Should an individual conflict arise (life happens!) groups are also able to change their meeting date and time based on group consensus.

Your Organization will determine if you’ll meet remotely via video conference, or in person. If your group meets in person, your Organization will secure a meeting location.

The Organizer will determine how groups are formed.  Sometimes, common groups already exist, in the case of an employee resource group or alumni cohort. 

Organizers may also decide to use an application process to gather information that can determine grouping.  You’ll never be grouped with a competitor, or someone in a hierarchical relationship to you (like a boss).

Growth Groups are powerful because they do NOT follow any preset curriculum. The discussion is completely Participant-driven – this means that you can talk about whatever is on your mind!  Each month, Participants select a challenge or opportunity about which they need feedback. Depending on group size, most Participants  have the chance to present a challenge at every meeting.

Challenges are anything that is weighing on a Participant’s mind, and can be exciting or stressful, big or small and anything in between! Here are some actual challenges that have been presented by Growth Group Participants:

  • How should I tell my boss about my big idea?
  • How do I find more customers?
  • How do I deal with a problem client?
  • How do I stand out among my peers so I am ready for a promotion?
  • Should we hire an employee or outsource?
  • What do I do about my quarrelling employees?
  • How do I find the right investors?
  • I’m feeling very overwhelmed. How do you prioritize your efforts?
  • How do I make the most out of this professional development opportunity?
  • How do I knock this big assignment out of the park?

No one person is responsible for running the group. Growth Group software keeps Participants focused on business challenges and opportunities, while mitigating problems that often arise in a group setting like jumping to solutions, interrupting or going off topic.  The software cues Participants to know when it is their turn to present a challenge, ask questions about a challenge, or provide feedback without any single member of the group having to become the “leader”. 

Growth Groups work best when all Participants are equally committed, so your attendance is expected. Your Organization will determine the number of absences that are allowed, and groups are empowered to decide if non-compliant Participants will remain in the group.  Should an individual conflict arise (life happens!) groups are also able to change their meeting date and time based on group consensus.

While it is not expected that group Participants will all be best friends, we know this can be a concern.  There are a few things that mitigate issues that commonly come up in a group environment.  The software helps Participants avoid what we call the “book club gone bad” scenario and guides Participants through the methodology.  This reduces interruptions, jumping to solutions and talking over each other.  Additionally, best practices on group management and group dynamics will be provided along the way so that you can make the most of the time in your group. 

The software helps groups follow the Growth Group process during their meeting. You’ll use it to enter your challenge and read the challenges of your fellow Participants. It keeps time and helps your meeting run smoothly, even telling you whose turn it is to present and reminds you when you’re supposed to be listening. It’s user-friendly (we promise!) and you’ll be fully trained and ready to go before your first meeting.