The first Growth Group meeting is designed to give Participants an opportunity to get to know each other by completing an exercise called “Lifeline”. Participants will NOT present a challenge during this meeting.

The Lifeline Exercise allows Participants to reflect on and share the significant life events that brought them to where they are today.  This type of exercise is used by many forum-style groups in the “forming” stage and will help your group form a foundation of understanding from which to work through challenges and support each other.  

You may use the email template below to remind your Participants of their upcoming meeting.  Attach the Lifeline Exercise handout and encourage them to spend some time preparing to meet with their group for the first time.

Note: You my use this email template however you wish!  Please make sure to include important information like dates, times and location. You may choose to add more descriptive information specific to the type of group you’re supporting – whatever best suites your group’s needs.  

Subject: Get Ready for your FIRST Growth Group Meeting!

Hello NAME,

This is a quick reminder that your first Growth Group meeting is right around the corner!

During your first meeting, you’ll get to know the members of your group via a Lifeline Exercise.  This meeting will help you form a foundation from which to work through challenges and support each other as you grow personally and professionally.  Please find a Lifeline Exercise handout attached. Plan to spend a bit of time before your first meeting to consider your Lifeline Exercise and prepare to share it with your group. Be sure to pay attention to the tips for making the most of your time together!

It is recommended that during your first meeting, you consider how many Participants will be sharing their Lifeline Exercise, and split the time accordingly.

We’ll see you for your first meeting [DATE/TIME] at [LOCATION].



Click here to access the Growth Groups Lifeline Exercise handout. You will be able to download, send or print this document from here.