During the second Growth Group meeting, Participants will dive right into their challenges!  Remember that groups are meant to be self-facilitated,so although you’ll likely be present, there is no need for you to “run” the meeting.  The software will handle that!

You may use the email template below to remind Participants of their upcoming meeting and encourage them to think about their first challenge.  Need some tips on the software? Software help, best practices and meeting watch-outs can be found on the Resources & FAQs page.

Please note that the software automatically sends reminders prior to each meeting. We find that these extra reminders before the first and second meetings provide a bit of extra support and encouragement as your new groups get on their way.

Note: You my use this email template however you wish!  Please make sure to include important information like dates, times and location. You may choose to add more descriptive information specific to the type of group you’re supporting – whatever best suites your group’s needs.

Subject: Your SECOND Growth Group Meeting!

Hello NAME,

You’re probably excited to dig into challenges during your next Growth Group meeting – and so are we. After getting to know your group and learning about the methodology and software, you’re now well equipped to share your challenges with your group and help each other find action items to move you forward.  That’s what you’ll do during your second meeting, and every meeting after that!

Register for the software

You will receive a welcome to the Growth Group Software – click the link to set up your account.  Check your spam!

Enter your first challenge

You’ll enter personal updates and challenges prior to every meeting from here on out.  What’s keeping you up at night? What is a big step you’re about to take?  Thoughtfully consider your challenge, enter it into the software and get ready to problem-solve with your group. 

Automated emails

You’ll also receive a few automated emails in between each meeting, including next meeting dates, reminders to enter challenges, a summary of Participant updates and challenges and a prompt if you’re the next Coordinator.  We’ll also be checking in along the way.

Have a great meeting,