The Growth Group Master is a google document that you’ll share with BGI to help you manage registrations, current groups, and monthly data.  

Tab 2 = Application Questions

If you’re using an application, this is where you’ll let us know what questions you want to ask potential Participants.  

Tab 2 = Application + Registration Detail

Application (if you’re using one) and registration detail will be added to the Growth Group Master as they are completed.  You’ll be able to stay up to speed on registrations as they come in, and get ready to group your Participants!

Tab 3 = Current Groups

As you group your registered Participants, you’ll add final groups to this tab.  It will include the dates that the Participants completed registration, accepted their software invitation and participated in their first meeting.  We’ll also make notes as to attendance noncompliance here.

Tab 4 = Monthly Reporting

Each month, BGI will add current aggregate data to this tab. Click here for a detailed list of the data being gathered.