There are a number of things that you can count on to happen regularly in and around your Growth Groups. You’ll get use to this flow as you continue to manage your groups! 

As an Organizer, you’ll have the opportunity to join a check-in call with BGI at regularly scheduled intervals, usually in between meetings. This is a great chance for you to offer feedback and ask questions, as well as for us to review some important topics. (Note that most groups meet on a monthly schedule.  If yours does not, we’ll adjust the check-ins as needed!)

The check in call agenda will generally follow this format:

    1. How are groups doing?
    2. Reporting and attendance
    3. Topic review and discussion
    4. Updates from BGI
    5. Questions and needs
    6. Watch-outs for next month

Important topics that will be covered include:

    • Recruiting and group formation
    • Getting ready to launch
    • Lifeline Exercise
    • Getting ready for 1st challenge
    • Software review
    • Reporting
    • Ongoing group management
    • Feedback so far
    • Whatever else you want to know more about!

Growth Group Participants will receive automated reminders to enter their challenges, as well as a summary email 24 hours prior to their meeting that includes all of their group’s updates and challenges. 

Click here for a complete list of the emails sent automatically from the Growth Group software.

The Growth Group software automatically tracks attendance, and notifies Participants who are in danger of becoming non-compliant (if more than 1 absence is permitted) or have become non-compliant with the Attendance Policy. 

Participants will receive these emails after their group meeting if an attendance issue has occurred.  You can read more about the Attendance Policy and Non-complaint Voting Practice here.

At the end of each meeting, Organizers and Participants will receive a brief feedback survey via email.  Feedback collected through this survey will help us to continually improve the Growth Group software and processes, and we are happy to share the information gathered in aggregate with you.

The Participant survey includes questions like:

    • How helpful was your group in identifying action items?
    • How comfortable were you with the software?
    • How closely did your group follow the meeting process?
    • Compared to last month, how connected do you feel to your group?

The Organizer survey includes questions like:

    • How satisfied are you with Participant turnout?
    • How much time did you spend managing your Growth Groups?
    • How satisfied are you with the support you received from BGI?
Each survey will also ask what further support you may need from BGI and what questions you need help answering.  Our FAQs on this website are a great resources – and we’ll keep adding new answers there as we receive them!

We’re collecting data as we go, in order to continually improve the Growth Group process and software.  This data will be aggregated and shared with you via your Growth Group Master Document and during  our check-in calls.

Click here for a detailed list of the data being gathered.