We’ve got you covered!

BGI is here to assist you and your Participants before, during and after your groups meet.  Here are the ways you’ll be able to debrief, ask questions and offer feedback.  Don’t forget to visit the Resources & FAQs page as well!

During the Organizer Intake Process, we’ll schedule monthly calls with topics that will follow along with the group forming, starting and management process.  We’ll adjust as needed, but topics will include:

Call 1: Organizer onboarding + intake

Call 2: Recruiting best practices

Call 3: Getting ready for launch

Call 4: Training + software review

Call 5: Preparing for the 1st meeting

Call 6: Reporting

Call 7: Ongoing group management

Call 8: Feedback so far

Call 9: Next steps

At the end of each month, you’ll receive a short feedback survey to let us know your level of satisfaction with the progress of your groups and the support you’re receiving. You’ll also have the opportunity to share any best practices you’ve identified and let us know if you need additional support.

You and your group Participants can email us anytime at support@gogrowthgroups.com.  We’ll reply within 24 hours.

If you need immediate assistance during business hours, you can call us.  We’ll reply as quickly as possible.