We all have questions as we face opportunities and challenges, but we don’t always know where to go to get the support we need to answer them.  Professional development and team building exercises can be ineffective and un-engaging. Many of the ways people come together to learn, ask questions and solve problems don’t end up accomplishing much at all. You already know this – that’s why you’re here!

Growth Groups allow Participants to come together in person or remotely, share challenges and opportunities and identify plans of action that will actually move them forward personally and professionally.  Not only that, they end up more connected to each other and more connected to YOU. Using self-facilitated software, groups don’t have to be managed by any one person (including you!) and don’t follow a set curriculum.  Participants bring whatever challenges and opportunities they’re facing and leave with new perspectives and action items to help them solve it.

The highlights: 

    • Productive & efficient
    • Self-directed
    • Real discussion & solutions
    • Remote or in-person
    • Rigorous methodology 
    • Software assisted