The Growth Group software helps your Participants stay focused on the challenges and opportunities presented during their meeting, rather than keeping time or tracking the step they’re on.  

This page provides tools and resources that will help your groups use the software to make their meetings more efficient and productive.

Just click through the topics below!  All of the information below is also provided on the Participant Website [COMING SOON!!], so that your groups can access it easily.

Each challenge presentation follows the same process steps.  The software keeps participants on track with reminders of the time allotted for each step, who is talking and who is listening, and makes sure participants always know where they are in the process.

For most of their meeting time, participants will see the following screen. From here, they can see speaking order, view challenge, keep time, and give their group a friendly reminder via the “Taboo” button if anyone goes off track. 

Do your participants need a bit of help navigating the software icons?  Here you go!


Participants will receive the following emails each month, automatically sent by the Growth Group software:

    • Reminder to enter a challenge
    • Summary of challenges 24 hours prior to meeting
    • Notification of Coordinator assignment for next meeting
    • Copy of individual notes after meeting is adjourned
    • Reminder for Coordinator to close meeting if they have not done so
    • Attendance related notifications (for more information on the Attendance Policy, click here)

Of course, Organizers may send additional emails to their groups as they wish!