Via CMS Wire
By Joelle Kaufman
January 29, 2019

Engaged employees are a boon to an organization. And ultimately, they can drive substantial revenue growth via their engagement. But that’s only the case when that engagement takes the form of alignment with an organization and its goals. When employee interaction with a platform amounts to nothing more that virtual water cooler talk, “engagement” does not translate to better business outcomes.

As companies evolve to embrace remote employees and flexible work arrangements, the race is on to implement new processes, systems and platforms that help companies and employees stay connected across distances and time zones. For many, this is uncharted territory, which makes the need to understand the effectiveness of new platforms a top priority.

In establishing key metrics for such assessments, engagement has emerged as a key performance indicator of platform implementation success. But in this regard, executives need to proceed with caution. Not all engagement is created equal. And if employers don’t look for the devil in the details, they might find their KPIs leading them down a counterproductive path.

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